Holiday Cheese Wreath

SUPER! So good, so quick, so easy. It must be magic - it disappeared before my eyes. No one felt like a big dinner tonight so I decided to try your recipe and the family is so glad I did. Made it for 5 servings instead of 10 since there were only 3 of us eating. I used ingredients I had on hand. One can of refrigerated prepared pizza crust, Bavarian Honey Ham thinly sliced, Lorraine Swiss also thinly sliced and Honey Mustard.

I rolled it up jelly roll style and left it that way since half the recipe is not enough to form a wreath. Brushed it with the egg and baked for 30 minutes. I did not do the glazed holly leaves or berries - I'll do it that way for Christmas time. Leaving that part out made the prep time only about 10 minutes. Presto it was done and presto it was gone - with rave reviews. Wish I had made the 10 servings, everyone wanted more. This would be great done on a baking stone too.
Holiday Cheese Wreath


8 ounces cheddar cubes
8 ounces Colby Jack cubes
8 ounces Monterrey Jack cubes
8 ounces Swiss cubes
Approximately 10 cherry tomatoes
1 red bell pepper
Sprigs of fresh rosemary

  • On a 10- to 12-inch diameter plate, arrange cheese cubes into a wreath shape. Arrange tomatoes on top like ornaments. Use sprigs of rosemary to surround and accent wreath.
  • Cut pepper in half and remove seeds and membranes from one half. Lay seeded pepper half face-down on cutting board and use a small, pointy knife to cut out the head of a bow. Place pepper bow at the base of the wreath. Cut two straight pepper strips and slide under the bow head to resemble ribbons hanging down.

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